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EVSE Chargers

EVSE Charger Electrical

When it comes to installing the electrical circuits and receptacles for your Electric Vehicle, you want to make sure you are using a licensed electrician that can evaluate the current electrical system capabilities and conditions of your home or business so your system isn't overloaded or compromised causing damage to your home, business or vehicle. At NC Electrical Service LLC, our team of electricians will check your home or business's electrical system, find the best placement for your EV charger or station and walk you through the process. Setting up a charging station at your business or buying and owning an Electric Vehicle can be an exciting experience for the first time, NC Electrical Service LLC wants to make sure your investment is protected, and that starts with a correct and quality installation. Don't leave your investment to chance! Call the Pros!

EV Done Right Promise

In the ever evolving world of Electric Vehicles, finding the right charging solution can be a daunting task. At NC Electrical Service LLC, we want to make that process as easy and seamless as possible. Our team of electricians can help provide information regarding which charger would be a more practical solution for your home or business. We will walk you through the process of evaluation of your current electrical system and let you know if any upgrades to your home or business's electrical system is needed or recommended so you don't have to worry about overloading the electrical in your home or business. We'll work hand and hand with you when it comes to deciding the perfect location for the installation of the charging unit, and provide you with an estimate so you know upfront the cost associated with your investment. In an ever changing industry you want to make sure you're using a team you can trust to properly evaluate your specific needs and keep you informed the whole way, At NC Electrical Service LLC thats what we call Customer Service and we strive to be unbeatable. 

Types Of EVSE Chargers

Level 1 Chargers

A Level 1 EVSE Charger is a charger that usually comes standard with the purchase of your electrical vehicle and will plug into a standard 120v outlet in your home. This type of charging may be suitable at first, but this can be a painfully slow process if your in need to be on the go quickly. According to the US Department of Transportation, level 1 charging can take 40-50 hours to charge a BEV (Battery-powered Electric Vehicle) to 80% from empty. Who Has Time For That??

Level 2 Charger

A Level 2 EVSE Charger is a more efficient and advanced solution for charging your EV. The installation of a level 2 charger will require a dedicated 240v circuit installed in your home or business and will need to be installed by a licensed electrician for proper installation and electrical inspection of the current electrical system being tied into. According to the US Department of Transportation, Level 2 chargers can charge a BEV to 80% from empty in 4-10 hours. Having you on the road about 5 to10 times faster than a level 1.

Level 3 Chargers

A Level 3 charger is the fastest charging capabilities. While level 3 charging stations may sound like the way to go for your home unfortunately homes will not be equipped with the electrical requirements of the level 3 chargers. Level 3 chargers or (DC fast chargers) use DC power sent directly to the vehicle bypassing the vehicles onboard AC to DC converter allowing for about a 3-20 mile range per minute of charging. These types of chargers are mainly used for public charging stations.

Level 1 Electric Vehicle Charger
Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger
Level 3 Electric Vehicle Charger
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