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Generator Electrical

Generator Electrical

When it comes to generators, professional installation is curcial in order to keep you and others safe.

Licensed electricians follow specific NEC code rules and regulations when it comes to hooking up and installing either your whole home, portable or business generator. Did you know improper installation & hook up of even a small portable generator you use for temporary small load back up can cause major disaster, life threatening conditions and possible damage to your home or equipment? The improper installation of a generator could potentially back feed on the utility grid causing serious injury or death! At NC Electrical Service LLC, we ensure that your whole home, portable or business generator is properly installed and the appropriate safety features and standards are put into place; Things like manual or automatic transfer switches and interlock kits to make sure theres no way power can be placed back on the grid during a power outage or when your generators are in use and adhering to Local, State and NEC codes for proper sizing, placement, connection and operation. Theres a lot that goes into installing and hooking up generators, you want to make sure you're using a professional and protecting your investment! 

Call NC Electrical Service LLC For Your Generator Needs!

Electrician Truck

What You Can Expect From Us! 

  • Correct Placement 

  • Correct Sizing

  • Proper Means Of Control

  • Proper Foundation

  • Correct Safety Measures 

  • Upfront Pricing

  • Correct Transfer Equipment

  • Operation Walk Through 

  • Quality Materials 

  • Professional Installation

  • Licensed & Insured Electricians

  • Latest NEC Code Compliance

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